The talented musician GLOW RIA has released a completely new song on August 8. She has given listeners of dub and reggae a top song combined into one. The single "Spaceship" is available on all leading digital music streaming platforms.

GLOW RIA started her music career on June 2021, when she released her debut single "Fullfillment of All Desires". Later, she released three more singles - "The Plain Of Kurus", "Traditions And The Sacred Law" and "Desire For Rewards", without taking any break. This year she's on and pushing the pedal to the floor - she's not going to stop with the music. "Seek Jah’s People" is her seventh single this year!

Her discography is really respectable and the audience appreciates it too. She has just over 7,000 followers on Spotify.

GLOW RIA is a really talented musician and his potential is immeasurable in words. It must be said that all she has to do is continue to create new music and play his cards correctly. Then nothing else will stay and he will manage to reach the top of the music charts. Festival and concert stages are definitely waiting for her!

We offer you to listen to the latest GLOW RIA composition "Spaceship". We also invite you to support the young musician and at the same time follow his social network profiles. For example, the reference site has a link to his Momenters profile. Don't be shy - go and like it! It will only take you a few seconds and will not cost you anything, but it will give the musician a great incentive to continue creating and publishing new songs. Let's support this new talent together!