Music artist Glow Ria has released a new song. She has shocked the audience with the song "Revelation" this time, which is, for the time being, her second single. The new song is available on all leading digital music streaming platforms. Press here to listen online >>

Glow Ria is a unique artist who is able to combine several genres into one sound. Sje loves alternative pop, creating songs about love and all other genres. This is exactly what is very noticeable in her works. The musician has many talents. It must be said that even so much that he works as a freelancer and marketing adviser!

Glow Ria is motivated by artists such as Bruno Mars, Asia Divine, Daft Punk, Chairlift, Tame Impala, David Bowie and UB40. This alone shows how much interest this young and talented artist has. That's a real passion!

"Revelation" is only the musician's second composition - it was released on August 6. Her debut single was released on June 25 this year and is called "Fullfilment of All Desires". Both of these compositions are also available on Spotify. For a long time, we will not have to wait until the musician will invent to supplement her discography and brighten it with something new.

We offer you to listen to the new Glow Ria composition "Revelation". We also invite you to continue to support and follow the musician on social networks. There is a link to his Momenters profile instead of the typical sources. Don't be shy - go and follow it. It will only take you a few seconds and will not cost you anything, but it will be a great incentive for the young musician to continue creating and publishing new music. Let's support the new talent together!